Welcome to the new MichaelOComedy.com!

DSC_0806Welcome, past friends and new!  This is the new version of MichaelOComedy.com, the home page of comedian Michael O’Connell (me).  It seemed like time for a new one, and I wanted to take some steps out by having the web page and the blog in one place.  Here’s what we got.  Thanks, WordPress!

It also seemed like a time for a change since it’s my big return to comedy.  About four months ago, I sort of almost died.  And then I had a stroke a month after that.  Those are stories for another time (I’m already telling them on stage, of course), but the short version is that, after a surprisingly fast but not easy recovery, I’m back in comedy and trying to hit it hard.  So consider the rebirth of this page as symbolic for the rebirth of me.

I work solo, I work with my comedy groups (The Comedians with Disabilities Act and The Mikes), I produce shows, and I’m looking forward to meeting YOU (assuming we haven’t already, which, if we have, what’s up?).  I take the whole wheelchair aspect of my life and turn it into funny (with a little education thrown in as a bonus).  Come see me!  Or hire me.  Whatever your fancy.

Check out all the pages on here and keep checking back for blog updates on upcoming events and such.  Welcome to the party!  Grab some Chex Mix!  And use a coaster, for God’s sake.

Michael O’Connell