Zero Stand-Up is the official podcast of Michael O’Connell.  Michael talks about life, comedy, disability, and talks with guests (largely comedians) about all of the above. Zero Stand-Up can be found on iTunes, through Podbean, or listened to through the players below.

014: The Whiskey Awakens (guests: Damian Harmony, Luke Soin, Daniel Humbarger)

013: Obligatory Holiday Episode

012: Episode XII (guests: Damian Harmony, Luke Soin)

011: Ants and Blue Dogs (guest: Nick Brunner)

010: Speak of the Devil (guests: Luke Soin, Nick Larson)

009: To Boldly Go Far, Far Away (guest: Damian Harmony)

008:  2014 – Ups, Downs and Sony

007:  Wars and Harmony (guest: Damian Harmony)

006:  Robin Williams Tribute (Guests: Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor)

005:  Epic Giki (Guest: Luke Soin)

004:  Conned and Berried (Guest: Robert Berry)

003:  8-Balls and Denny’s (Guests: Andrew Ouellette and Bryant Tarpley)

002:  That Stuttering, Dyslexic Crohn’s Kid Sure Plays a Mean Pinball (Guest: Nina G)

001:  Of Mikes and Herbalife (Guests: The Mikes)


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