The Mikes



Friday, 09/02/2016 through Sunday, 09/04/2016
8:00, 10:30, 8:00, 10:30, 7:00
Laughs Unlimited
1207 Front Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 446-5905

One night at a comedy show, it occurred to comedian Michael O’Connell that there were a number of other comics in Sacramento named Mike…and they were among his favorites in the business. He proposed that they all join forces to create a new and potentially devastating comedy group, and the tour called “The Mikes” was born.

From theaters to sold-out comedy club performances, The Mikes lay down a devastating and hysterical blend of comedy styles, each comic bringing their own flavor to the mix.

Meet the Mikes!

DSC_0912Mike Betancourt, a hard-traveled comedy headliner, is known to his many fans for his intense, energetic and animated style, and these fans sometimes end up with him standing on their table during his shows. Unpredictable and cloaked in mayhem, he’s rocked clubs and colleges up and down the west coast with his twisted tales and explosive antics, and has worked with such big comedy names as Jim Bruer, Ralphie May and Dat Phan.


DSC_0894Michael Calvin Jr. has been tearing up comedy stages all over California since 2006. His magnetic personality and wild, fun stage presence make new fans for him wherever he goes, from Sacramento to San Francisco to Fairfield to Modesto to Reno. His love of comedy is infectious, and his dedication to it so strong that he was even married on Good Day Sacramento’s Valentine’s Day Show at Laughs Unlimited in Old Sacramento. He currents hosts the monthly “Say It Loud” comedy show at Laughs Unlimited.


DSC_0868“Wheelchair comedian” Michael O’Connell has turned a lifetime of disability into a career in comedy, delighting audiences from Seattle to L.A. with his laid-back, dry style and tales of his life experiences as a man on wheels. He co-founded the all-disabled comedy troupe called The Comedians with Disabilities Act and tours with both them and the Mikes. He’s appeared on such famed stages as the Laugh Factory in Hollywood and the L.A. Improv, and counts several celebrities among his fans.



With one foot in L.A. and the other in Sacramento, Mike Sinclair is the epitome of comedy hustle, appearing in clubs, hosting rooms and lighting up competitions on both sides of the state, all while taking roles on such shows as CSI: NY and Criminal Minds. His smooth style and hilariously frank humor have made him a favorite of both audiences and fellow comics. From the Comedy Store in L.A. to Tommy T’s in Sacramento, Sinclair gets it done, and gets it done right.


For more information on The Mikes, visit their Facebook page.  To book the Mikes, email Michael O’Connell at, or call (619) 786-RAMP (7267).



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